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kpop 2020 in a nutshell
2020 was trashy yet ICONIC so lets relive those moments together!!
A new year present from ME to YOU and i hope you really enjoy it🥰
Hope u'll stay happy and healthy💞
until next time
love thirstae💜



00:00​ - when kpop idols went viral
1:31​ - stage collaborations
3:04​ - song collaborations no one expected
5:53​ - song covers that whispered perfection
8:11 - iconic lines that were stuck in our heads
9:47​ - memes,jokes,crachead energy of 2020
13:20​ - solos that slayed
16:42​ - performances that blew everyones mind
21:50​ - moments without which 2020 would be incomplete

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