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Скачать с ютуб How Do Tornadoes Form? | The Science of Extreme Weather

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How do tornadoes form? What makes some tornadoes more devastating than others? What is the best way to stay safe during a tornado? Luckily, scientists are on the case.
In this video, Eric Snodgrass talks about \"tornadogenesis\"—the science of how tornadoes form. He discusses how meteorologists chase storms that cause tornadoes, and shares scientific data that lead to breakthroughs in the understanding of these untamable monsters of weather.

This video is episode 14 from the series \"The Science of Extreme Weather\", Presented by Eric Snodgrass
Learn more about the science of extreme weather at

00:00 Is a Tornado Simply Air Masses Pushing Against Each Other?
01:45 What Is a Wall Cloud?
04:00 Get an Up-Close View of What It's Like to Go Storm Chasing
07:00 Why Are Only About 30% of All Supercells Able to Produce Tornadoes?
07:30 See How One Supercell Produced Multiple Tornadoes in Illinois
11:00 What Happens During a Vortex Breakdown?
13:30 What is a Telltale Sign that a Tornado is Near the End of Its Life?
14:45 What is the Most Famous Tornado Family Event That Ever Occured?
16:30 How Do Tornadoes Form in Fire?
17:10 The Pioneer of Tornado Research
19:00 What is the Fujita Scale?
20:50 Enhanced Fujita Scale
21:50 Most Powerful Tornado in Recorded History
23:20 The First 5-Ranked Tornado on the New Scale
23:40 Increasing the Tornado Warning Time
24:00 Why We May Not Want to Extend the Warning Time
24:20 The Researcher Who Inspired the Movie Twister
25:00 Tornado Research Takes a Giant Leap Forward With Doppler on Wheels
26:05 Precautions for Storm Chasing
27:00 Why You Shouldn't Take Shelter Under an Overpass
28:08 Best Place to Seek Shelter If Caught in a Tornado


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