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Скачать с ютуб kpop moments that had me shook (My favorite kpop moments) #2

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0:00 Intro
0:09 CL at MAMA 2015
0:40 BTS Rainism
1:05 Soojin doing this at Oh my god choreo
1:14 Solji singing I Love You acapella
1:32 Kai's dance in Love Shot at SBS 2018
2:04 Ateez Wonderland Halloween version
2:39 Somin and Hui performing Swim good
3:09 Hwasa saying 'bicho malo'
3:16 AOA Miniskirt at Queendom
3:55 Ten X WinWin Lovely
4:22 Seventeen X Mamamoo
5:20 Girl's Day Something Choreography
5:39 Hyuna doing this at MMA 2017
5:48 BLACKPINK Dance Practice video
6:18 Hyolyn singing Rockabye
6:46 Taeyang Eyes, Nose, Lips at Fantastic Duo
7:05 Hwasa and Seulgi Bang Bang
7:43 KARD performing Taki Taki
8:12 YooA dancing Smooth Criminal
8:43 Stray Kids covering Fancy
9:23 Dreamcatcher covering Bang Bang Bang
10:09 Idols dancing Daddy with PSY
10:41 Lili Film #3
11:05 MonstaX performing Shoot Out at MAMA 2018
11:32 Loona covering Not Today at KCON
12:06 NCT Jisung \u0026 JangYoonjun - Barcode
12:33 Yugyeom at Hit The Stage
13:05 BTS at MMA 2019
14:05 TXT covering Boy In Luv
14:29 2ne1 I Love You Live

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