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Learn how to grow Parsley plants from seed in containers and in the garden as a decorative hedge! Shirley Bovshow garden expert for the Hallmark Channel shows you step by step how to cultivate this popular herb and how to use Curly Leaf Parsley and Flat Leaf Italian Parsley in different ways in the kitchen and in recipes.

Both Curly Leaf and Flat Leaf Parsley are nutritious and delicious. Although many consider parsley a \"garnish\" herb, it has much more to offer. Curly leaf parsley has a mild flavor but has powerful antioxidants, it curbs bad breath, and contributes vitamins for good eye health. It's a perfect herb to tuck into smoothies because it doesn't affect the flavor but adds valuable nutrients.

Curly Leaf Parsley also looks decorative in the outdoor garden as a short, edible hedge! Watch and see how garden designer, Shirley Bovshow uses it in an edible garden. Italian Leaf Parsley is more flavorful and is favored as an ingredient in salads and to flavor meats and vegetable dishes. It even tastes great fried like Parsley chips!

Learn all about growing and using Parsley in many ways in Shirley's fun and informative garden video! As seen on the Hallmark Channel show- \"Home \u0026 Family\" with Debbie Matenopoulis.

Shirley Bovshow's \"Eden Maker\" gardening videos on how to grow and care for plants, orchids, garden makeovers, container gardening, garden DIY, plant and flower crafts, how to grow food, miniature and fairy gardening, succulents, how to propagate plants, indoor plants, floral design, hydroponic growing, garden design, and clever tips for life rooted in the garden. Inspiration and practical information.

Watch, \"Ask Shirley,\" a weekly, garden live stream show featuring garden questions and garden answers, plant care information, plant propagation and gardening lessons by Shirley Bovshow.

Featuring Los Angeles landscape designer, Shirley Bovshow, garden lifestyle expert for the Hallmark channel show, Home \u0026 Family.