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Kpop female idols protecting others from wardrobe accidents -

Kpop Male Idols Helping \u0026 Protecting Female Idols

Background music: DooPiano
1. Got7 -
2. TXT -
3. EXO -
4. BTS -

Super junior
- Sungmin warns Girl’s Generation and f(x) about the firework
- Super junior member take off their blazer to cover tayeon because of it was raining
- Heechul picked up Yoona’s gown so she can walk more comfortably

- Jackson is the gentleman of all gentleman but you already know that, here are some moments
- This next moment need some context, San E made Irene uncomfortable so Jackson tried to keep San E away from her
- Jinyoung stood in front irene while she fixes her dress
- Jinyoung grabs the cameraman so he doesn’t accidentally hit the grandma

- Dongwoon gave his jacket to Apink’s Hayoung so she can place it on her lap
- Then Yoseob teased him

- IM shares his umbrella with a staff
- MONSTA X making way fir Weki Meki

Stay kids
- Felix removes confetti from mamamoo’s Hwasa

- NRG members gave EXID their jacket

- Yeonjun pulling Beomgyu to the back to give way to ITZY
- Yeonjun pulling Huening Kai to the side to give way to mamamoo

- sungjae blocks the confetti so it doesn't hit taeyeon
- Sungjae uses his blazer as a blanket
- changsub warns red velvet members that there's gonna be a firework

- Chanyeol moves Chen’s head as he was blocking IU
- Chanyeol removes confetti from yoona’s hair
- Suho offers Yoona his wrist to help her walk down the stairs.
- Suho lent Suzy a helping hand
- D.o taking care of red velvet
- Chen pulls Baekhyun to the side to give way to Red Velvet
- Chen being a true gentleman in many ways
- Baekhyun calls Yoona (noona) so she can walk in front
- Baekhyun pushes his chair in so crayon pop can walk pass

- Yeji took a step back but mingyu thought she fell so he was about to grab her
- Woozi let’s ailee lean on him because she broke her leg

- Taeyang gives water to ailee
- Gdragon gives his jacket to a little girl

- Onew help sistar’s bora go down the steps

- Jin hands gfriend water bottles
- Jin pulls Jungkook to the side to give way to suran
- Rm offers ailee his hand to help her go down the stairs
- V tells staff to get celeb five blanket so they can sit more comfortably
- jungkook fixed Sarang’s hair

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