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Dear students ,
In This Video Lecture We Are Going to Understand
Class 12th History Book 1
Chapter - 2 King Farmers And Towns ( Political And Economic History ) PART 1
Most IMPORTANT Questions chapter 2

Topic Covered in This Video Lecture

Dear students in this video lecture we are going to understand political and economic history of india . We will discuss about Composing Of Rigveda Dharmashastras and dharmasustras . Emergence of agricultural Settlements , pastoral populations and emergence of early states and kingdoms. we will know about new modes of disposal.We will talk about sources Like : inscriptions , coinage , Buddhist Texts , visual materials. We will Also Know about James princep and how he deciphered Brahmi and kharosthi scripts.

6th century BCE - Major Turning Point in indian History How ?

We will talk about 16 mahajanpadas and features of majanpadas . at the end we will discuss about magadh mahajanpad which was most powerful Among all 16 mahajanpadas.

🟢 Chapter - 1 🟢 Bricks Beads And Bones
Part 1
Part - 2
Part 3
Part 4

🔴 Chapter - 2 🔴 King Farmers And Towns
Part 1


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