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Preparing for the next... \"What if...\" - Thriving as a DJ in this ever changing world... and in this video I share 4 things every DJ and business owner in the event industry needs to start thinking of or working on to prepare for the next \"what If\" scenario that could impact our industry as a hole. Being a DJ and keeping your business in the best possible place through the ever changing landscape of pandemics, changing exectuive government orders and health situations is now something everyone needs to start thinking about. I share four things everyone in the event industry needs to do or start thinking about in preparation for when or if the world shuts down again. This video is not about covid or my or anyones personal beliefs it is about what you can do to set yourself up for success if the pandemic and issues that surround it begin impacting the ability to have DJ events and gather in different capacities.


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0:00 - Intro to the what if...
1:35 - Your Message
4:47 - Contract talk
6:36 - Dollars and cents
8:57 - The power of positivity