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Скачать с ютуб How To Choose a MARTIN Guitar! - Demo + Q&A

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Here are the guitars I focus on and demoed in the livestream!
Martin D-18 Modern Deluxe

Martin 000-28E Modern Deluxe

Martin D-16E RW

Martin D-2EX RW

Martin HD12-28

Martin 000-15SM

Martin SC-13E

Martin M-36

Martin D-X1E Mahogany

Martin GPC-28E

Martin GPC-16E

L.R. Baggs Anthem

L.R. Baggs Align Series Session

L.R. Baggs Align Series EQ

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Canon Cameras

Sony Cameras

Logitech Cameras

Magewell USB Capture Card

Sigman Lenses

Neewer Lights

Kamerar D-Fuse Large LED Light Panel Softbox

Audio Recording and Interfaces
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Dry Bell Vibe Machine

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Boss TR2

XTS Fermata

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Mythos Golden Fleece

Line 6 M5

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Vertex Boost

Vertex Dynamic Distortion

Vertex Ultra Phonix

Vertex T Drive

Digitech Freqout

Digitech Richochet

Digitech Polara

Digitech Nautila

Boss OC-3

Greer Tarpit

Greer Black Tiger

Greer Supa Cobra

Greer Royal Velvet

Greer Soma

Rockett Animal

Rocket Rockaway

Rockett Squeeze

Rockett Touch

Rockett Immortal

Rockett Steampunk

Rockett Archer Clean

Rockett Boing

EHX Cock Fight

EHX Oceans 11

EHX Canyon

EHX Freeze

EHX Freeze


EHX big muff rams head

TC Electronic Sub N Up Mini

Rocket Melody Overdrive

Dod Carcosa

EHX HumDebugger

JHS Whitey Tighty

JHS Charlie Brown

JHS Thunderbolt

TC Ditto LooperX2

Martin SC-13E



D18-Modern Deluxe

PRS Silver Sky



PRS McCarty 594

Gretsch 6119

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