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Скачать с ютуб RGE vs. MAD - Week 7 Day 2 | LEC Summer Split | Rogue vs. MAD Lions (2021)

01:11:52 44 тыс. просмотров

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VoD of Rogue vs. MAD Lions
LEC Summer Split 2021 #LEC

Casters: Guldborg \u0026 Quickshot
Interview: Ashley Kang with Humanoid

Full Line up:
Rogue Line up:
⦁ Odoamne - Top Tahm Kench
⦁ Inspired - Jungle Diana
⦁ Larssen - Mid Lucian
⦁ Hans sama - ADC Kalista
⦁ Trymbi - Support Rakan

MAD Lions Line up:
⦁ Armut - Top Jayce
⦁ Elyoya - Jungle Trundle
⦁ Humanoid - Mid Viktor
⦁ Carzzy - ADC
⦁ Kaiser - Support

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