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Скачать с ютуб 3시간 아름답고 편안한 켈틱음악 🎵 힐링음악, 스트레스해소음악, 아침명상음악, 요가음악(Home)

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3 часа расслабляющей кельтской музыки 🎵 Музыка для снятия стресса, музыка для утренней медитации (Home)

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Hello. This is composer Mayrain. This song is a song that feels like a challenge for the first time. I made Celtic music by combining a harp and an orchestra. I tried a lot to create a fairytale-like to Celtic. The production period took three weeks. I hope many people like it :) Later, I will upload a version with only the harp Then, have a relaxing music listening time!

Title : Home
Composer : Mayrain
Label : Healing Tree Music

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