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Скачать с ютуб East Pakistan Debacle | Part 02: Socio-Political Tragedy and A Matter of Cultural Divide

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This is the 2nd video of our video series on the East Pakistan debacle. In this video series, we will share the circumstances and events that led the very people who were in the vanguard of the Pakistan movement, whose area was the only Muslim Majority province of undivided India which had a Muslim League ministry and whose illustrious son had moved Lahore resolution, fought a bitter struggle, 30 years later, to destroy a country which they themselves had helped to build.


Script: Umar \u0026 Haleema (Twitter IDs @umar7181, @KHaleema746)
Script translation: Somniac (@GoldenFleece83)
Narration: Hamza Baloch (Twitter ID @hemzabaluch)

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