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Скачать с ютуб X1 being a mess, crackhead & extra af in "Produce X 101"

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we stan a new extraness \u0026 crackheadness
#X1 #엑스원 #Produce_X_101 #김요한 #김우석 #한승우 #송형준 #조승연 #손동표 #이한결 #남도현 #차준호 #강민희 #이은상

This is my first time to make a X1 vid content. I make this vid for about 1 week. Since i'm a new X1 stan (2nd fav kpop boy group), please don't hate me. I hope you like it \u0026 enjoyed this!!!

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I do not own in this vids scenes \u0026 musics , credit to the owners.
i'm just editing video. but please, if you want a post this video, ask me permission to post in social media, post with credits \u0026 no blurred my watermark.
Love y'all

Video included:
Produce X 101 ep 0 until 12 (Eng subbed by kshow123)

audio included:
Funny Quirky Comedy by (
Woe is me - Mr Krabs Violin
Outro: Going Going - MC Doul feat. MC BOO

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