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What do you need to record a piano video for YouTube?

Well, I don’t know if I have the “best” way to do it, but I have learned a thing or two about what you need to do so. Of course, I’m always improving my setup and my skills (which is arguably the largest part of getting a good recording), so this is just what I have as of this recording. Oh, and my audio skills are definitely much better than my video skills (I’m still figuring out how to color grade properly lol), so my opinion on audio equipment is probably going to be better than my opinion on video equipment.

I’m always looking to upgrade my setup and try out new things, so let me know if there’s anything you want me to review or demonstrate how to use! It was actually pretty fun trying to shoot b-roll like this for the first time.

Quick note, this is my setup as someone who’s decided to invest into it. Your needs may vary.

Equipment (affiliate links):

Lights: 2:10
GVM 80W LED Video Light -

Walk Fly Softboxes -

Neewer 72.4 Inch Tripod -

Amazon Basics 60 Inch Tripod -

Cameras: 4:51
Nikon D3400 w/kit lens-

Canon M50 w/kit lens -

Audio Interface: 7:55
Behringer UMC404HD -

XLR Cables: 10:38
Cable Matters 15ft. -

Mics: 12:13
sE8 Stereo Pair -

Mic Stand: 14:14
Amazon Basics Tripod Boom Stand -


My Keyboard (Yamaha p-125) (affiliate link):

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My recording setup:

My keyboard setup:

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