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i only did this so my non-exo fan friend would like them

Here's the list of each video (except concert parts):
- the only concert part bc ppl ask, it's at 0:48 on my video.
-EXO Lotte
-EXO Workman
-EXO Suho Boatta
-EXO 170912 Yizhibo Live Stream
-EXO's Travel the World on a Ladder (Season 1\u00262)
-EXO Happy Together
-EXO !tLive
-EXO Knowing Bros
-EXO Ameboa TV
-EXO Arcade and
-EXO Global Vlive Top 10
-Lay Zhang iHeartRadio Interview
-EXO iHeartRadio Interview
-EXO Melon Music Awards
-EXO Heart 4 U Xiumin \u0026 Chen episodes and and and
-EXO Micing Interview and
-EXO Kai \u0026 Chan Yeol - Dang Dang Dang

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