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Inventory for WooCommerce In ZOHO is an advanced integration of your wooCommerce site with ZOHO Inventory. After authenticating your site with ZOHO Inventory, you can sync all of your wooCommerce orders to ZOHO Inventory (Contacts, Items, Sales Order) in a matter of few minutes. You just have to map the wooCommerce fields with the inventory fields once, and you are ready to go! A key feature that makes our plugin unique is that users can send custom value with their orders.

Things you need :
The prerequisites you need to use our plug-in :
A WooCommerce shop.
A ZOHO Inventory account.

Integration Setup:
Install \u0026 activate Inventory for WooCommerce In ZOHO.
Click the Home button.
From Zoho Inventory settings enter Integration Name, Data Center, Homepage URL, Authorized Redirect URL.
For Client id \u0026 Secret press Zoho API console. Authorize your site.

Overview of features :
*Mapping feature consists of two types of mappings- Customer (Contact) mapping \u0026 Sales order mapping [ in pro version]. It imports customer \u0026 sales order information on ZOHO inventory.
*You can set the field name on the Customer Mapping field according to your choice.
*When a customer places any order some fields (Items \u0026 Description, Order ID, Status, Rate, Discount, Amount) will be automatically generated on the inventory page except the 'Shipping Charge' field. You can set the other field name according to your preference. [ in pro version]

*Users can send custom value to the inventory.
*You can search the field name regarding your choice.
*Admins can set multiple orders from a single customer by mapping the customer email field. Thus they can organize all data in a specified way.
*Sales Order can be changeable from draft to confirmed.
*Admins are allowed to import their old data from their site by setting the start date, end date, order status \u0026 import type. No duplicate data issue.
*Admins can see all the placed order from \"All Logs\". The old data they have imported from the site also can see those data.

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