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Welcome to the 1+ hour walkthrough of setting up a Unifi network start to finish. I hope you have some spare time, because this is going to take a while. If you are already familiar with a lot of this setup, use the timestamps below to browse to specific topics.

In this video, I go over how to setup a complete network using a Unifi Security Gateway, (concepts apply to the Dream Machine as well) Unifi 60W switch, Unifi Flex Mini, and Unifi AP Pro. I'll go over how to get everything setup from scratch as well as how to tune everything for use with a typical home network with VLANs.

We will setup two separate VLANs (IoT and Guest) and create firewall rules to separate them from the rest of the network. We will broadcast one of these using the wireless AP to show how to get multiple SSIDs setup and configure the USG and USW for VLAN tagging.

Intro: 0:09
Overview Diagram \u0026 IP/VLAN assignments: 0:35

Initial Security Gateway Setup: 2:53
Unifi Controller Installation: 4:00
Unifi Controller Initial Setup: 8:10
Device States / Provisioning: 11:49
USG Device Menu Walkthrough: 13:11

\"Network\" Configuration: 14:25
\"Network\" Configuration (Classic Menu): 17:16

Wireless Network Configuration: 20:45
Port Profile Configuration: 23:27
Security Configuration: 25:25

Add Switch to Network: 28:21
USW Device Menu Walkthrough: 31:15
Apply Port Profile to Switch: 32:47
Create Custom Port Profile: 34:30
Apply Custom Port Profile to Switch: 34:54
Purpose of Profiles: 35:45

Add Access Point to Network: 37:07
Resetting Access Point: 38:00
Adopting Access Point: 39:00
Access Point Device Menu Walkthrough: 40:10
Verifying Wireless Connectivity: 42:57

Add Second Switch to Network: 43:50
Upgrade switch firmware: 44:35
Complete original diagram connections: 45:00

What We've Done so Far (Recap): 48:21

Adding Clients: 48:58
Troubleshooting Client Issue and Browsing Clients/Insights Menu: 51:25
Client Device Testing: 56:08

Firewall Configuration (for VLANs): 58:06
Testing Firewall Rules: 1:07:49
Local Interface Firewall Configuration: 1:09:38
Testing Local Interface Firewall: 1:11:00

Controller Menus Overview (After Network Setup): 1:12:56
Outro: 1:17:54