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Скачать с ютуб BCCA with Coffee Mates - Vikalp. ALPAVIRAM Episode 21 Dr Pankaj Joshi

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What if this is , My Last Lecture ???...
A Limited Series of 25 Fabulous Episodes , by Various Profound Personalities , talking on Multi- Dimensional Topics.
Episode 21
Well-known Scholar - Physicist-Scientist \u0026 an Expert on Cosmology...
Dr Pankaj Joshi
Presented by Bhavans Cultural Centre in association with Coffee Mates - Vikalp.
6th August Friday
@ 6.30pm IST
Only on BCCA YouTube Channel
USA(East Coast)- 8 am
(West Coast) - 5 am
UK - 1 pm
UAE - 5 pm
CANADA - 8 am

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