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Скачать с ютуб Build new UI features and extend your application with JS widgets | Zoho Creator

01:04:37 6,6 тыс. просмотров

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JavaScript Widgets are a great way to bring more flexibility, control and customization to your Creator applications. In this session, we will explore some unique use cases for JavaScript widgets in Zoho Creator, and help you understand how you can use them to improve your Zoho Creator application’s scope and user experience.

You'll learn how to :
- Construct a JS widget in Creator
- Extend your application - sample use case demo
- Build interactive UI components such as image slider, and enhanced form UIs
- Use the JS SDK

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0:00 Introduction
2:04 Anatomy of an application
2:48 Using Zoho Creator to build an app
3:22 Coding languages in Zoho Creator
3:47 Introducing more coding languages in Zoho Creator
4:15 What is JavaScript?
4:39 Advantages of JavaScript
6:32 JavaScript in Zoho Creator
10:31 Demo: Sample widget - Using JavaScript in Zoho Creator
11:01 Understanding widgets in Zoho Creator
14:25 Sample Creator app
16:14 How to create a project \u0026 upload
21:13 Case 1: Building new UI features using JavaScript
29:24 External hosting of the widget
37:20 Case 2: Extend your application using JavaScript
41:09 Whitelisting URLs
46:17 Other use-cases
47:51 Questions \u0026 Answers

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