FAST SHIPMENT MASTECH MS2203 Three Phase Intelligent Power Clamp Meter Support RS232 with 9999 Counts

mastech power clamp, Wholesale adjustable 28mm

Def Tester

Zm780100. 260*90*45mm. Multimeter victor 86c. Ce cat .iii 600v rohs. Digital clamp meter multimeter. Hm11627. 22 cm *  8.1 cm * 4.1 cm. 397g / 14.02oz. 9v 6f22(not included). Certificate: Clamp sanwa. 0.65kg. 5c-35c. Clamp multimeter:Dc transducer. 60a/600a +/-(2.5%+5). Clamp meter voltmeter. 2pic. 

Multi Meter Multimeter

Ac volts: 193(l)* 78(w) *39(d)mm. 0.1 ohm to 40 megohms +/-(1.0% + 3 dgts). 5nf/50nf/500nf/5uf/50uf/100uf. 9v 6f22 battery. -10 to 40 degree. Wholesale 55 digit voltmeter. Wholesale power laser meter. Tm1012. Sp311. 4  tri clamp. C'' clamp. Acm03plus. 

Wholesale Reference Online

350 x 190 x 55mm. 1470g. Ac:6v/60v/600v; dc: 600mv/6v/60v/600v. Sanwa. 0.1v~600v(1.0%+5). Clamp corner40/400/1000a. Mastech temperatureDouble offset. 180(l) x54(w) x31(d)mm. Wrenches professional. Wholesale pliers. Aaa batteries. 110mm clamp. 

Ohm Measurement

Prova cm-02. Storage : Ac / dc voltage, ac current, resistance, diode and continuity. 400/4k/40k/400k/4m/40mohm. Dm6266. V.f.c: 0.1kva~600kva. 208(l) x 91(w) x 40(d)mm. 271mm(l) * 112mm(w) * 26.2mm(h). Uni-t ut256b. Power source: Voltmeter 6l2. 400.0/4.000k/40.00k/400.k/4.000m/40.00m ohm. Hidance. 

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