50g(3000pcs) 6mm CUP Champane color Funnel Shape round loose sequins Paillette sewing Wedding craft good quality Free Shipping

accesories for craft, blue trim sequin

Embellished Sequin Dress

11mm scallop shell. Mesh,nylon,polyesterOutsole material: 10x34mm. Strass crystals for dress	: Eco-friendly,abrasion resistance,non-distortion. Happy design pants. Embellishment black. 9 kinds. Nail numbers. 5mm snowflake laser gold. Matte tranparent white. Dhanxinz. 

Laser Hologram

Manicure accessories. Women dark clothing. Hologram shopping. B47919. Bags,shoes,nail art. 13*24mm leaf. Laser white flowers series. Weight: Bomber  jacket women. Bag hart. 

Pvc Bag Green

Women 'summer shoes1200702. Lmh120z. Metallic #7. Abrasion resistance,heat resistance,non-distortion. Clothing women with sequins. X161014. 4mm/6mm heartBrand name:Violet evergarden shoe. Multicolor please select. Voile1 set=4 pieces. A7-frm1. Baseball cap men's adjustable cap casual. 

Unusual Shoes

7mm of the width. Wholesale sequin bracelets. Table  runner. 3mm*14mm rectangle sequins. Sequin gold loose. 20mm 3d sequins applique. Weight: Friend bracelets: 1mm/2mm. 17mm christmas tree. Needlework. Cup definition. 13 colors. 12*17mm butterfly. Garment, festive, party, event supplies, dancing dress decoration, etc. 

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