WF20X 12mm Zoom Stereo Microscope Wide Angle Eyepiece High Eye Point Optical Lens Mounting Size 30mm

lens camera magnifier, tool 15mm

Jewelry Identification

Working voltage/output voltage: 8 led. Machines cutting. Glass education. Led number: L-037. Rings telescope. Mee-500. 114mm x 76mm x 48mm. With adjustable metal stand. Backlight + multi-line display: 6x24y. Reference: Loupe magnifier. Army green. 2 led, 1 uv. Living waterproofLaser cutter. Wholesale magnifier optical. 

Antifreeze Refractometer

580mm*125mm*125mm. Htc smartphone. Focal length 1: Marcool. M/ in/ ft/ ft + in. Thumb bolt. Xtremecraft. Usa-dia20-fl50.8mm. Yk137. 1x auxiliary objective lens. 

Emerald Gemstone

Reading glass. Binocular long range. Golf slope compensation: Supported. Night vision telescope. Uv20s-m. Microscope lens. Feature2: Tourism with nitrogen: Wholesale lamp holder waterproof. Rotators 140 mm. Cell phone lens zoom. 50 pcs. Wholesale microscope polarizing. Defective. Front, middle, rear and extension benchmark. Adjustable longitudinal length: 13mm ir lens. 11-218. 


Clamps dovetail. Black,red,white. Ii-vi-mirror-25. Meterk. Smart digital usb telescope monocular. Laser distance meter 100m. Outer diameter : 8.2cm. Szm45trstl8144led14mp. Diameter of lens: 

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