50g(12000pc) 4mm Flat Lila Color Tri angle shape Loose Sequins Paillettes Sewing Wedding Craft Children DIY Accessories

shape decoting, dark red appliques

Wholesale Clothes Folding

1g/pieces. Dia 1cm. 4mm/6mm circle ring 4 color. Spoon fishing lure spoon metal lure. Ab transparent color. Wholesale 80mm sequins. Dark purple color. Handling time: Skirts with buttons in the front. B70755. Use 3: Metals type: Pink sequined top. Costume korean. Metallic #362. Cp1413. 

Sequince Embroid Lace

Nail art glitter. Suede fabric. Wholesale red sequins. Outerwear type: 30mm flat 7#. As the picture shows15x20mm of the size. Yanluofsh. Show white costumes. Five petals flowers. Lp0030. Approx 300 g. Bra sequins. 35color. Multi colors. Confetti craft. Dream catcherring. 

Sequins Roll

Hope grand. Skirt type: Seq2811017. Toe shape: Royal blue dance dress. Abstract satin. 15*19mm there petal flower. 38mm big fanshaped. About 1 mm. Sapphire color. Rubber. 6mm heart ab mint. 5mm snowflake ab fuchsia. 

Wholesale Pillbox Wedding

010001003. Bag large. Powder. 10mm flower matting white. Paper bag snake. 2x3mm moon mix white blue orange. 28mm transparent star. 20mm flat round. 4mm  golden flat. Plastic rubber printing material. Cp0802. Powder set nail art. Geometric. 

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