O067 HANTEK PSO2020 Bandwidth 20MHz Sample Rate 96MSa/s Mini Portable Handheld Digital USB Pen Type Storage Oscilloscope

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Oscilloscope 50mhz Hantek

Bare copper wire. Mkt. Ac.dc.gnd. Oscilloscope digital. Rigol dsa815. Dso1062s oscilloscopes quality: Parameter. Logger record. Dro for milling. Gds-3352. A/d converter : Touch,button,scroll wheel. Sender dimensions: Measuring resistance range: Mso5054fg. Hantek365f. Low power indicator: 

Amigoo H3000

4ch digital oscilloscope. Uni t. 1g tabletProgramm leads. 10m ohm. 120+/-2cm. Pixel analyzerAutomotive diagnostic testers. Hantek hdg2102c color: Oscilloscope probe alligator. Touch screen mobile phone oscilloscope. Video point. 

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Time base pricision: 8'' tft lcd 800*600 pixels display resolu. Video jumper. Trigger mode: : Lm2596s adjustable. Hantek dso5062b function: Display size: Hm11797-9. Wholesale battery 36v 10ah. Measuring inductance range: Wholesale dental laboratory equipment. Kezihome pixel 2. Measuring capacitor. Ignition testers. 144 inch display. Zhejiang, china (mainland). 4 channel logic analyzer,. Dunu impedance. 

Wholesale Language Russian

1x & 10x. Wholesale ultrasonic cleaner jeken. Hantek mso5202d. 0.001. Up to 20000wfm/s. 4ns/div-80s/div. 2.5 (kg). Data logger current voltage. Voltage / time measurement. Z&s s. 

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