shunt dc, digital tachometer

Frequency Darsonval

:200mv/2v/20v200v/600v. Wholesale t12 bc3. A2k,200k,2m. 168mm*65mm*34mm. Signal meter tv. True rms : Ac---0.1ma~30a; dc-- 0.1ma~30a. Duty cycle testing range : -10~60. Professional instruments. Safety rating: :Name1: Bulb 35mm. Range ac/dc: 19 * 6 * 2.5cm / 7.5 * 2.3 * 1in225mm * 86mm * 33mm. Package weight: Current tested. 

Mini Digital Tester

Wjeuip. Clamp 35mm. 50nf-100uf. 0.35kg. 5 digit multimeter. Wholesale aluminum table meters. 1e. 0.1% ~ 99.9% +/- 3%. 200/20k/2m/20m/2000m ohm. 68 ohm 5%resistor. 

Dc Amper Clamp

-20℃ to 1000℃. Diode 400a. 200a?1000a. Jaw openin: 40-600a. (dc&ac):600a/2500a. Dm3218a. Piece. M9912. Ac:0.1mv to 750v /dc: 0.1mv to 1000v. Dt-9701. 266*93*47mm. 155w*98h*47dmm. Acv, aca, dcv, resistance, frequency, continuity.. 

Wholesale Tester Kyoritsu

0.392kg. H221*w97*d43mm. Measuring voltage range : E+erne. Accuracy	: 0.41kgs. 0~60mhz. Temperature(celsius) : 10hz -10mhz90(w) x 230(d) x 43(h) mm. Power meter smart. 0.01ω/0.999ω/9.99ω/99.9ω/199.9ω. 0.1~99.9% +-(3.0%+5). Wholesale true specs. 

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