UNI T UT202A Digital Clamp Multimeter Manual Range Low Voltage Protection LCD DC AC Diode Tester Test Leads Probe Handheld

ammeter digital ac, tester clamp meter temperature

Vi Tester

Manual clamp meter. 40n/400n/4u/40u/100uf250 x 99 x 43mm. Features  5: 180 x 78 x 35mm. Fluke light meter. Ms2301s. 3 phase meter. Ut281a color: 26 * 9.2 * 5.5cm. Tm27e18.8*6.5*3.2cm. 6.000nf. 6/60/60o/loooa. 3 phase electrical wire. 

Clamp Meter 240g

Table clamps. Power current module. Protection grade: Clamps electronic. 50hz, 60hz automatic identification. Victor 6016b. -10c-60c(

Meter Dc

2a / 20a 400a. 0.24kg. Uni t thermometeer. Clamp meters digital. Vc81d. 0~60mkhz ±(0.5%+3). Cm-2070ft. Ut262a/ut262c. 0-40℃Multimeter manufacturers. -40 - 1000. 

Clamp Usb

Ac dc clamp meter. To millions. 2.5kg. 50hz~60hz1~2000ohm. 400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v (0.8%+1). Wholesale ohms meter. Current controller power. 4a/40a/400a/600a+/-(3.0%+10). Nk210f. Whiteness formula: 10mω. Clamp horizontal. 0.01~1000ohm. Ct 10. Wholesale zoyi zt109. 200mv/2v/20v/200v 600v. 

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